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Cabin Crew Course

Cabin Crew Direct is the leading online cabin crew course. Cabin Crew Direct is staffed by ex-cabin crew who have flown for leading airlines and provide students a wealth of industry knowledge. Our cabin crew course is the only one designed in association with leading airlines and works closely with these airlines to get you a cabin crew career once you finish the course.

This course consists of 18 modules and is estimated to take up to 80 hours to complete. The modules contain information on what you will be typically expected to learn on joining an airline for the position of cabin crew.

Click on success stories to read about recent students who have taken our course and who have now found a cabin crew job and commenced their career as cabin crew.

Partner Airlines: 

Our Partner Airlines have said that they welcome applications from Cabin Crew Direct students and at the end of the course we help you build your CV and enable a swift process to apply to them*. We are also the only online e-learn course for cabin crew students that is endorsed by the world’s leading Cabin Crew website Cabincrew.com!

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*Provided you meet the Airline's basic requirements, click on their logos for details.

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