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Cabin Crew Course - Success Stories

Dear Cabin Crew Direct
I would just like to pass on some feedback after Completing the Diploma. I had an overall Score of 94% which considering I haven't been in a Cabin Crew Role for almost 5 years is wonderful. Also I have been offered two interviews for Major Airlines.
The course is fun and informative. I completed it in 5 days and I'm very pleased with my progress. I made notes all the way through and was surprised at the amount of information in the Modules. I don't remember learning about some of the subjects on my original Cabin Crew Training Courses.
I would recommend this course to anyone as I feel it gives just enough information about the role but is not too in-depth for the student to feel like they don't have enough confidence to undertake the role if they were to go to an interview and get the job.
The only criticism I have is that the course Partners with Airlines which no longer operate and it would be nice to see it updated a little.
Anyway Thanks so much again!
Keeping my fingers crossed for a job offer really soon!
Lou - Perth, Australia.

Hi CCD team,

Thank you very much for opportunity to join this course. It gave me much and helped me to understand well, how the airline system works! I wanted to apply for a cabin crew, but I never had the courage to do so. I have been working for an airline for a few years, as a customer service agent and I would like to try flying as well. After your course I feel comfortable enough to apply. All my questions have been answered, and I have learn a lot of new things. The course was interesting, the modules well formulated, and all I needed I got from it! I loved to study whenever I had time and taste to study. I completed it in 6 weeks only, and I got 96%! Now I am comfortably ready thanks to you! Thank you for a wonderful journey!

Alena - Greece

I would like to thank the cabin crew direct team for developing a carefully planned and well informed Diploma that gives wings to every cabincrew aspirant to realize their dream.
I take this opportunity to recommend this course to every one who has a flare for aviation industry. You may be an aspirant or already a professional this course is likely to open your senses to a whole new world of aviation like never seen before.
Each module within this diploma is designed to equip you with tools that will provide you with substance in delivery which I must add plays a vital role in succeeding in an aviation career.
The design of each module is of particular interest for any candidate as it can promise you to give you information that is relavent & precise. Infact you need not look for a tutor these modules are quite self explanatory and I can assure you that they are designed to eliminate visual fatigue which might be your next best excuse to not take an online course instead of a classroom based course.
Never the less the team at Cabin crew Direct are always here to help, all one needs is to drop in an email and RUTH follows. The assistance is available to help students with difficulties during and even after you complete the course.
So I have my certificate that says I scored 97% and it also tells me that I made the right choice at the right time and its time you do the same. In the meanwhile wish me luck with my applications I will return soon to see your experiences with this course, until then KEEP FLYING AND KEEP STUDYING with CABIN CREW DIRECT!
Samia Khalid, UAE-DUBAI
 P.S-Thankyou for the interview guide and for your well wishes

I would like to say thank you to the Cabin Crew Direct team for giving me the opportunity to do this very useful course.

I gained useful knowledge about the airline industry and can thoroughly recommend the course to any aspiring cabin crew. I have now been accepted by Emirates and I am sure that your diploma went a long way to helping me get there..

Before I started the course I was a little sceptical about the value of doing the course but when I saw the course content I realised how relevant it was and helped me gain valuable knowledge.

I would urge anyone interested in a career as a flight attendant to seriously consider this course.

Sincerely, Jennifer Fife - Australia

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this course. I'm proud with the overall result of my grades and most specially the knowledge that this course have given me from every module I've taken up.
Thank you Ruth, for the Interview Guide you sent me, I'm sure it will help me a lot in applying for jobs as Cabin Crew.

I am very happy for the knowledge and information you and the course have given me,so i have to say Thank you again and I'm hoping to hear from you again.

Lizelle Villegas - Philippines

Hi there,

Since completing the course, I have gained employment with one of europes biggest short-haul airlines. I have been there for almost two years and after a year of service, I was promoted to Cabin Supervisor.

The course structure and resources available were very informative and helped me to gain employment in the job I have always wanted. I really enjoyed the way the course was set out and it gave me an insight to every part of the job.

I would recommend the couse to anyone that is interested in a career as cabin crew, I completed the course when I was 17 and as soon as I was 18, I applied to numerous airlines and was accepted onto a training course within a month, having completed the CCD diploma I already had an insight to my training, which I passed with flying colours.

Stephen Higgins - UK

Hi everyone,
I completed the course and I got 94% at the end of it and strongly believe that it was good value for money. I really enjoyed it because provided me with a lot of knowledge and information which made it at the end very interesting.
I completed it in 14 hours studying approximately 1-2 hours per day, and found each module comprehensive and tailored to the needs of each student.

Actually, the knowledge I gained from studying the E - learn diploma was invaluable due to various Cabin Crews role and tasks that have to be undertaken during their duties. Now I feel more confident and I think it is time to start to build my CV which should be added to my diploma.

Thank you to all,

Ilias Lagonikas Lefkas Greece

I joined CCD because I wanted to work in the airline industry as a cabin crew. I have found the course useful, I have learned a lot also I was invited to attend few interviews.

I will always recommend anyone who wants to be come a cabin crew to join CCD and achieve the knowledge. I have completed the course and now I have cabin crew diploma thanks to CCD.

Kind Regards Amina Moxamed Cali

Greetings to CCD team,

Greetings to all those who wish to become cabin crew. It is my duty to congratulate the CCD team for the course they successfully dispense around the world.

They make all of us become professionals by providing all that is needed to realize our dreams: I think that their professionalism is unique in the world!
I particularly recommend the course and other services the team provides.

YOU NEED IT, THEY HAVE IT! You are not only trained but also introduced in the member airlines which are big and leading companies. This leads to success during the interview and performance in the career. I am proud of having been with them! Thank you!


My Name is Captain Titus Kiogora, while i completed the course on August 2005.

However, i enjoyed the course as i gathered more knowledge of Cabin crew performance and how to interact with passangers and more so to make everyone happy and comfortable enviroment for all kinds of Passengers.

While, i have recommended to many of my workmate and they are progressing well in our work performances appraisals. Lastly, i m based in Nairobi Kenya.

Thank you in advance and entire Managements
Kind rgrds Capt: Titus.

Cabin Crew Direct is very helpful if you are starting a profession as a cabin crew.

The modules are informative, descriptive and gives you all the informations that you need about the career itself. I am very pleased after completing the lessons because I feel more knowlegdeable and well informed.

Now I have all the courage and confidence to finally get to a whole new mission of succeeding and aiming to be a cabin crew.

Completed on June 2008

Christina Mae Sacramento

I would like to give a big thank you to all the team at Cabin Crew Direct for a great course and I am so pleased to say that I have been successfully employed by GB Airways in Gatwick. I would like to recommend this course to anyone serious about being cabin crew It has worked for me.I cant wait to fly. Thank you again.

Rukon Ahmed. United Kingdom

Hi Cabin Crew Direct.

After completing your on online diploma course, I started applying for different Airlines and had interviews with EasyJet, Excel Airways, BMI, Astraeus,

Thomas Cook, and got offered interviews with Emirates and Virgin. I have been offered a job with Excel Airways, and have decided to take it. My course starts January 11th and is a temporary contract which will finish November 3rd.

I would just like to say thank you for your help, and I feel the course was a great help and will be extremely useful for the first parts of the course as I feel I will have a head start.

Nicola Carroll : Sydney, Australia

I attended my interview on 7th July at British Airways training centre near heathrow. It consisted of them showing a short film on working at BA, then a group task followed by a two on one critiria based interveiw. I presented the two interviewers with my record of achievement book with contained my certificate from cabin crew direct, they asked my opinion of the course as they had heard of it, i said it was a very informative course that gives you an in-depth knowledge of the cabin crew role and tasks, that have to be undertaken. I pointed out that you learn about different meal codes as well as dangerous substances and weapons. Which as a flying passanger who would like to take up the role I didnt realise you needed to know, they seemed impressed. I was advised i got the job two days later by letter. 

Although I attended the interview and answered the questions to the best of my ability that helped me get the position, I do feel that doing the cabin crew direct course also helped me get the position for sure as i could give more indepth answers regarding the cabin crew role because of what i had learnt.I start my training at BA on 27th September and hope to be flying in November.

Thank you for devising such an excellent and fun course.

Kind regards, Dean Hamilton

I completed the course and i got 96% at the end of it, i thought it was a really good course say for someone who isn't already crew and wants that as a kind of door opener.

I did the course, had inteviews with Astreaus and Virgin Atlantic and got offered a position with both Airlines on my first interview so i think it does help and I've never been crew before

Miranda Gravesande

I completed the course in good time and really enjoyed doing it.  There was definitely plenty of information which made very interesting reading and learning.  The content was good for someone who does not know much about the airline industry, like myself, as it covered the basic relevant facts and I found it useful when I sat a test for Monarch Airlines, had I not done the course I would not have known the answers to a few questions ie: descriptions of part of an aircraft (aft, gash).

It was good value for money and I made sure I had plenty of notes in which to refer back to at a later stage.
I have applied to most of the airlines that sponsor the course, apart from Mytravel as they haven't updated their internet site yet!. I have interviews lined up so I'm hoping someone will give me the opportunity to change my career.

I'm very pleased with my result (91%) and take pride in showing off my diploma.

Thank you.

Karen Hills : Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Well what can I say. The course was fantastic, I was making notes during the course but didn't make any for modules 1- 3 so I emailed and asked if it could be possible to get a copy, and they sent them straight away. I really enjoyed the course, it provided me with a lot of knowledge and it was hard work at times trying to learn everything but it was definitely worthwhile as I achieved 88%! It was definitely good value. I applied to British Airways last October but didnt get a call for an interview until March, which was when I was studying the course,so I mentioned this to the interviewer.and well here I am now, I've just started my training with British Airways and already the course has helped me,my colleagues wonder where I've got the information from considering I've not done the job before!! Its been really useful,at the moment its with things like abbreviations and codes,and the basic supplied by CabinCrewDirect.com is really supporting the detail that British Airways provide.Without the course I think my training now would be 10 times harder and its already hard work enough!!The only tiny criticism I have,is when I was contacted about the gatwick day,it was about a week before hand and this wasnt enough time to arrange time off work and get the money together,so just a little bit more notice about the courses would be appreciated by all,but I do notice you have added a section on the main page anyway.

Thank you very very much to all your team

Oh I think its a nice touch that you phone people to find out how they're doing as well,thats good.

Thank you

Vickie Jones

I would just like to say thank you Cabin Crew Direct, the course was excellent. It was comprehensive and well constructed and the tailor made information had been produced in a user friendly format. The knowledge I gained from studying for my E-Learn Diploma was invaluable and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

I actually completed the course in approx. 9 hours as I found the subjects so stimulating and I was keen to absorb the information without too many breaks or distractions.  The method of learning and the format is, I would say, very suitable for today's student.  My one criticism of this style would be that if there is a lack of understanding or if there is confusion, then I am not sure if the feedback is comprehensive enough for the novice airline student.

I thought the course was good value for money.

Sue Spink

I would just like to say your course was really good. It was very easy to understand. I also think its good value for money because it helps you understand how and why the travel industry started, which is very interesting. I thought the Course was really good

Thanks again.

Gemma Shaw

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